Vape Solutions

Environmental Sensors and Vape Solutions

Easily monitor the health and safety of your environment with our environmental sensors. Simultaneously measure air quality, temperature, humidity, motion, and noise. Receive real-time alerts for a fast and proactive response to protect your environment.

All sensor data is accessible from a central platform and is put against a timeline to give administrators a complete view of when these events took place. Additionally, you can pair a camera with any sensor, providing a layer of visual evidence to see exactly what happened and when.

  • Ensure buildings and infrastructure operate optimally
  • Gain critical insights into undesirable behaviour
  • Measure air quality, temperature, humidity, motion, and noise
  • Monitor cleaning, IT equipment and food storage
  • Real-time alerts
  • Remotely access data and insights
  • Easy to use
Environment sensor readings

Use Cases and Benefits of Smoke and Vape Detectors

Schools and Universities

Ensure the health and safety of your students and staff by monitoring your environment and receiving real-time alerts to act proactively.

Commercial Buildings

Monitor compliance with no-smoking and no-vaping policies from a central location as part of your broader security monitoring.


Monitor your environment and send alerts to facility managers to quickly address and limit the exposure for other patients and staff.


Can be installed in individual rooms to detect smoke and vapour without intruding on guest privacy. This can help enforce violation fees.