CCTV and Access Control

Connect Services has extensive experience in the design and installation of CCTV Systems for our enterprise/institutional clients.

We offer the ability to recommend the best system for your site and the safety of your staff and customers.

Determining the correct CCTV system is not only a financial consideration but a functional one too. Our qualified team can guide you on the best way forward to effectively implement a CCTV system that meets all your requirements and expectations, whilst taking into account budget, local crime, installation restrictions and site layout.

Connect Services is an industry leader in the installation of CCTV in specialised care sectors like residential aged care and education facilities. We work to provide swift installation and commissioning whilst maintaining high levels of professionalism and respect for all residents, staff, families and visitors.

Modern CCTV systems are not only capable of providing information and intelligence after an incident has occurred, but also form part of a total functioning security system. Providing crucial real-time information such as heat mapping, facial recognition, number plate recognition, person of interest reporting, head counting and many more smart analytics to help secure your site. In many cases before situations can escalate.

Connect Services can offer CCTV Systems as on-site storage solutions (NVR and data recordings contained on your site) or as cloud based storage solutions (no on site NVR or on-site storage. All files securely stored in the cloud).

On-Site Storage Solutions

On-Site or NVR (Network Video Recorder) is based on the use of a physical device that processes and stores video signals from a security camera. When video is recorded, the digital file is sent to the NVR over a local network.

This NVR stores the encoded CCTV footage until an approved staff member can review it. Even with the NVR solutions, this data or footage can be viewed either on-site or via remote access using dedicated applications and software.

Hikvision is an industry leader in CCTV and security systems and their cameras and recording devices are found in thousands of sites around Australia.  

Connect Services uses, installs and recommends the Hikvision range of products for the majority of our on-site storage solutions. Connect Services are a preferred HikVision installer and supplier.

HIKVISION certified partner.

Cloud Based/Hybrid Solutions

Cloud based solutions for CCTV utilizes the remote storage (cloud based) of video recordings. The system relies on a site having a stable internet connection for best results and can have the same number of cameras as an on-site storage solution. But typically with the added benefit of more online functionality.

A cloud based solution is most beneficial for clients requiring a multiple site or multiple building installation. As it allows a single platform for viewing all cameras regardless of where they are physically located. There is less system hardware required in the installation and allows for more frequent updates and improvements to the system without on-site attendance from your installer. Another added benefit is less system maintenance of HDD’s and firmware upgrades.

For cloud based CCTV solutions, Connect Services is a certified partner and installer of the Verkada range of products. View Verkada CCTV Soutions or contact us for more information on the Verkada range of products.

Verkada authorised reseller.

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