Real-Time Monitoring

We use Australia’s leading edge trade service technologies to provide better service for all our clients.

All of our service vehicles are fitted with a satellite tracking system, which allows us to assign the closest vehicle to you. It also gives our business transparency to our clients allowing you to request a trip report showing the location of the vehicle matching the amount of time invoiced for that job.

Our technicians stay connected with the office at all times, providing the opportunity for field employees to update times, materials, job details, and photos in real time – as well as issue invoices and collect payment on site if required. This seamless office-to-field connection reduces travel time and costs to our clients.

Real-time GPS tracking

Fleet management software monitors the exact location of our fleet in real time. Real-time fleet visibility enables you to reduce costs, schedule smarter, and enhance driver safety. Reducing our company costs and in turn reduces our client’s cost