Energy Efficiency Service

Connect Services provide an energy efficiency service to our local and national clients for all project sizes. The success of your business through improving your bottom line is the driving force behind what we do. We know that energy costs can be reduced by managing your overall energy demand, knowing how fluctuations affect running costs, and preparing accordingly. Our team stay abreast of real-time electricity prices and can alter your consumption levels to generate savings or earn extra revenue. Contact us to discuss a holistic energy procurement strategy unique to your business.

Detailed energy use assessment through our energy efficiency service

We conduct a detailed assessment of your energy use, providing us with the necessary information to identify cost saving opportunities and improve energy performance by implementing energy efficiency measures. If other demand side opportunities are apparent, we can discuss this with you and provide advice on the best way to proceed.

Some of the ways you can improve energy efficiency are through investing in new technology, and we can provide a range of options to suit your budget. We can also assist you to implement processes and practices which reduce the energy intensity of your business activities.

As providing safe, cost-saving methods is standard practice for our electrical teams, we will always consider the viability of options to reduce overall energy usage within existing contracts, as well as conducting this assessment as standard practice when negotiating new contracts. This will identify any potentially costly clauses you may have unknowingly signed up to in your current energy contract, including ‘take-or-pay’ clauses or fixed demand charges. Our team are experts in identifying and addressing these costly items where possible. Talk to us today to ensure you are on the best plan for your business.

How to reduce network costs through improved energy efficiency

We are cost reduction specialists. It is possible to recoup your investment into energy efficiency practices within as little as two years. One client recently achieved this through a number of energy efficiency measures.

Our specialist electrical team worked with our client by:

  • Installing more efficient LED lighting systems
  • Increasing the building shell thermal performance of new production facilities through insulation, both under-slab and building shell
  • Installing voltage optimisation equipment
  • Installing air lock door closing systems
  • Installing variable speed compressor motor controls
  • Providing power factor correction equipment

These energy efficiency measures have reduced network demand of approximately 10%, saving over $30,000 annually.

Our team works across Australia, and are up to date with the latest energy schemes provided by state governments, allowing you access to knowledge which could potentially save you thousands through new energy initiatives. In some states, such as New South Wales, who have introduced an Energy Savings Scheme, the above costs could be reduced even further, reaching as high as 20% in energy savings.

Energy efficiency services and energy demand services – what we can do

Our qualified team of technicians provide the highest level of energy management services and solutions, including:

  • Electricity tariff selection
  • Energy audits
  • Energy management systems
  • Energy saving timers and movement sensors
  • Lighting control systems
  • Lighting efficiency analysis and upgrades
  • Line carriers
  • On-going energy monitoring
  • Power analysis and data logging
  • Power factor correction
  • Solar power


Contact us to find out how your business could be making substantial savings in energy usage.